About Us

At Bee Groomed, we are a small, family owned and operated farm. Our story began several years ago, when we discovered a wild colony of honeybees living in one of our old barns. The barn was in poor condition and beyond repair, but we didn’t want the bees to be without a home. So after a little research on how to move the colony, we suited up and moved the wild colony of bees to a new home. Not only did we have our first beehive, we had a new passion! Since then, we have grown our single beehive into our own apiary, “beeyard”, where we now take care of multiple beehives in NC and VA. We harvest the natural raw honey, beeswax, propolis and pollen, directly from our hives.

In order to offer the full spectrum of honeybee qualities and benefits, our beehives are made up of different types of bees, including Italian, Russian and Carniolans. The Italian honeybees are known for their gentle nature and excellent honey production. On the other hand, Russian honeybees are a little more temperamental, but have excellent resistance against pests and diseases. The most docile of honeybees are the Carniolans, which are very hardy and can withstand even the harshest of weather — and Fun Fact – they have the longest tongues of all types of honeybees! All honeybees regardless of type, are amazing creatures, not to mention hard-working, smart and resilient! Their hard work pays off in the form of RAW HONEY, PROPOLIS and BEESWAX all of which have remarkable qualities and are included in our Bee Groomed products.

And we don’t stop there! We are just as picky about the other ingredients in the Bee Groomed products. So, we have spent countless hours making sure the sources from which the other ingredients are developed, made and harvested right down to our packaging, are natural, environmentally friendly, and responsibly sourced.


Our purpose is to create handmade, all-natural grooming products that can be used by the whole family to maintain a healthy, happy, well-groomed body and home – just like our bees!